A little more about some recent projects

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Laura PArnes'

Tour WithOUT END

I am delighted to have a small role in Laura Parnes' epic experimental fiction doc hybrid. The players include: Matthew Asti (MGMT), Lizzi Bougatsos (GANG GANG DANCE), Becca Blackwell, Christen Clifford, Alexandra Drewchin (EARTHEATER), Nicole Eisenman, K8 Hardy, Johanna Fateman (LE TIGRE), Jim Fletcher (NYC PLAYERS), Shannon Funchess (LIGHT ASYLUM), Alessandra Genovese (CRUSH), Kathleen Hanna (THE JULIE RUIN), JD Samson (MEN), Gary Indiana, Rachel Mason, Tom McGrath, Neon Music (YOUTH QUAKE), Eileen Myles, Kembra Pfahler (VOLUPTOUS HORROR), Brontez Purnell (THE YOUNGER LOVERS), Roger Ramos (LOVE PIG), Kenya Robinson (CHEEKY LASHAE) and Kate Valk (WOOSTER GROUP).

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Unvictiming The Gaze

This was a great event and panel by Another Gaze: A Feminist Film Journal at Union Docs of female directed films that reframed sexual violence.

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I am making my first film. It's about cancer and rape and the healing power of feminist art. 

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